Friday, 26 September 2008

Make it happen with Angela Donovan

I went on Angela Donovan's make it happen course at the beginning of the month. It was a four day course, and was intense and amazing.

Angela says

Taken from my latest book not yet out! 'THE WISH' is the process of working your power NOW to create all you wish in your life. Discover who you are, what your role is, and live with abundance - enjoy money. This course gives you the greatest spiritual wake-up call to beat what lies ahead that you will ever experience.

It was definitely value for money, and something that I would recommend. If you go on this course not prepared to let go of your demons, and look at your issues, then think again.

The course gave me food for thought, and was inspiring. Angela is also running some other courses which I am sure will be amazing.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Gordon Smith demonstration at the London Spiritualist Mission

I went to see Gordon Smith today, at the London Spiritualist Mission. I had seen Gordon Smith before, at his Life changing messages workshop I had attended earlier in the year.

Today, I had the opportunity to see him demonstrate. I managed to get a message at the start of the demonstration. I was amazed. I had not gone to the demonstration expecting, or wanting a message, but just to observe Gordon in action. My friend who I went with, was so pleased. I think she had gone to the demonstration, hoping I would get a message from him.

The message was about a young man who had died abroad. Gordon picked up there were complications around his funeral, and where he was to be buried.

My friend Pete died a few months ago abroad suddenly. His family wanted him to be buried in Trinidad,but his partner wanted him to be cremated, and his ashes scattered in Spain. In the end his ashes were divided between his family and partner.

As soon as Gordon had delivered this message, my father came in. He felt I was doing too much at the moment. That spirit were happy about the work I was doing. He was aware of the problems that my mother had with her feet. My mother has gout. Gordon also picked up some stomach pains that my mother has. She has had surgery on her stomach, and has no colon. My father was handing me a baby. Whatever that means. It has to be the immaculate conception if it is to do with me.

I watched Gordon delivering messages to other people in the audience, and was impressed with his accuracy. His messages were longer than what I have seen from other mediums, and specific. I am glad that I went to see him in action today, as I now know what everyone is talking about. I am not one of his groupies, and he knew nothing about me, but was able to give me information that was relevant and factual.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Watching Tony Stockwell live for the first time

I saw Tony Stockwell do a demonstration tonight, at the College of Psychic studies. I have never seen him work before but have read one of his books.

Tony is one of the best mediums that I have seen demonstrate. I managed to get a front row seat, and also got a message from a friend, and then from my father. Tony's message was very accurate.I was very emotional receiving the message from my friend, as she had never come through before. When Tony was linking in, he asked the recipient of the message to stand up. That was nerve wracking.

I listened to him give other people messages, and he talked about the way someone had passed whether it was illness or a car accident. He gave a lot of detail about the person in spirit, names, ages, careers, what they liked. In some cases he told people what year the person had passed,or the month.Their connection to the person on earth. He gave long messages,and made sure the person in spirit was able to get their point across. All done with some humour. Tony delivers facts, and none of his messages were wishy washy.

Tony has a warm, gentle, kind manner. He has a sense of humour, but is not inappropriate, as I have witnessed with other mediums lately.

I was impressed, and will return to see him again.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


This week we did an exercise on Psychometry in our psychic development class. We had to pick an object out of a bag, which belonged to someone in the class, touch it, and write down what came to our minds. Any images(clairvoyance), feelings, vibrations,(clairsentience), or thoughts.

The person who the object belonged to, would then say whether anything that was said made sense. I had a few hits and misses. Some members of the class were very accurate, and it seems like this is something that they need to develop further.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Spiritual Healing workshop

I finished reading Harry Edwards guide to understanding spiritual healing last week, which tells you all you need to know about spiritual healing.

I was looking forward to the spiritual healing workshop that I had booked this week. There were a few of us at the workshop which worked out well, as we had space to ask questions. I enjoyed the day, and have a better understanding of what spiritual healing is.

There are some things that I took away from the workshop.

  1. You do not need to believe in spiritual healing in order for it to be effective.

  2. When you are healing if you put your hands on the patient, you have to ask.

  3. As a spiritual healer, you heal, but at the same time you are refreshed by spirit.

  4. The spiritual energy adjusts to each persons requirements.

  5. You are not allowed to diagnose when healing.

  6. The training for spiritual healing is approximately two years.

  7. You need to be insured while you are practicing.

  8. You cannot apply for private insurance until you are approved by a recognised body.
We looked at the different types of spiritual healing. Absent healing, which is when you send out healing to people who are not with you.

Contact healing, is when you are providing healing to someone who is with you, by the laying on of hands.

Magnetic healing, which is when you send out energy from yourself to your patient, rather than receive it from spirit.

We did several exercises practicing healing using colour, self-healing and contact healing, and astral plane therapy.

It is important if you feel drained after contact healing to have a relaxing bath, or go for a walk where there are trees.

I enjoyed all the exercises. I felt the energy when I was offered healing by the others. It was amazing. In some cases I felt heat and for the first time I experienced cold as well.Our tutor gave me some healing in one of the exercises, and I felt as if the area around my solar plexus was filled with warmth, and being opened up, it was amazing. It was useful getting feedback from the others on what they had sensed when I gave them healing.

At the end of the day, our tutor told us who our healing guides were. I was fascinated to hear I have two working with me.

Spiritual healing is something that I want to explore further,as I enjoyed the day.

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Spirit Guides

This week in our psychic development class we learned about spirit guides. Everyone has a spirit guide who is with you from the day you are born, until you die. Your guide is there to protect and guide you. Spirit guides have all lived on earth at one point, so they will have an understanding of what it is like to live on this planet.

Some people are in touch with their guides. Our tutor explained that if you are unable to see or communicate with your guide, then it means that you are not ready to yet. However, you can still ask in a meditation to meet your guide.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

New Laws on the Fraudulent Mediums act take effect tomorrow

While I was at the Arthur Findlay college for their open week earlier in the month, we were told that there was a journalist asking people questions.

Spirited away meet the psychics with an uncertain future is the article that was written from those questions.

Paranormal site's investigators Dave Wood takes a look at what the repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act (1951) is going to mean for psychic practitioners.

I am still not clear how this will look in practice, and wonder how many members of the public will take out law suits against practising mediums, psychics and healers.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Time and patience in Psychic development classes

This week in our psychic development class we learned about meeting our animal guides. It was interesting looking at what different animals represent. I had not thought about animal guides before.

One of the students in the class was upset, as she had not seen anything in the meditation, and as our class is a mixture of beginners and intermediate students, she felt that she needed to see what the others saw. I tried to tell her not to make comparisons, as she was not comparing like with like. I also think that the way spirit communicates with one person, is not the way they will communicate with another.

The President in spirit at my local spiritualist church, I was told ,sat in a circle for twelve years, and did not see a thing. However, after the twelve year period she became a well known medium. I saw a medium at the SAGB this month, and he told me he sat in circle for three years, and didn't get any messages, and then it all started to happen. I can see how frustrating it may be for some people, however I am aware it can take years of patience and regular attendance at circles before spirit communicates.

I believe that spirit communicates with us when they feel we are ready. There are exceptions, for example people who are born with the gift,and see spirit,at a young age, but some of them still go to circles, to develop further.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Victorian music halls, Spiritualist seances and knocking shops

Matt Salusbury has an interesting post on sex and the seance room. It adds a whole new meaning to table rapping for me.

Gordon Smith Life Changing Messages workshop

I went to the Mind body spirit festival on Wednesday, and attended a Life changing Messages workshop with Gordon Smith.

I have heard so much about Gordon Smith and read two of his books, so it was great to see him in action, for the first time. I was not feeling well yesterday, and was praying that I would recover in time for the workshop. It was packed as I expected, he definitely has a following. I sat next to a number of women, who attend every event that he has going.

As Gordon walked into the room, I was struck by how young and fresh faced he looked. My sense of him was that he is grounded, down to earth, warm, has strong opinions, and does not suffer fools.

He has strong opinions on mental illness which I don't share, and he stated that mental illness was non existent before psychiatrists came onto the scene. I am aware that he is entitled to his opinion, but do not subscribe to this view. I have a number of friends and colleagues who have family members who are in the mental health system, and am aware of the suffering they have endured, and how the system has helped them survive.

Gordon started the workshop by talking about his work, experiences, and background. He then did a demonstration of clairvoyance, and then took some questions and answers.

There are a number of things that I am taking away with me from the workshop.

Gordon said that he learned from Miss Primrose(his tutor), that mediumship was about helping others. He mentioned that there was a time for healing.

He gave some tips on how to develop.

  1. He said that it was important to sit and be patient in developing circles, and let spirit develop you.

  2. That you need to let spirit overshadow you and link to you in the circle.

  3. That it was not important to focus on giving messages in circles, but learn to sit with spirit.

He saw the importance of mediumship as taking dark energy and turning it into light. That it was about wanting to heal people.

I could identify with Gordon when he talked about mediums who start by asking the audience questions at the start of a demonstration. He felt that mediums who worked in this way didn't trust spirit, and were an insult to what mediums do.

He pointed out that mediums can get things wrong, and we need to remember they can only describe what they are getting. In fact Gordon got a name wrong, and was corrected by the recipient of the message.

Gordon comes across as a man with lots of positive energy, and incorporated a lot of humour in the workshop, and was engaging. He has a presentation style that kept the audience engaged for the entire four hours of the workshop.

I had no idea he was going to do a demonstration, so it was good to see. I didn't get a message, but didn't go there expecting one.

I had all his books in my bag, which he kindly signed at the Hayhouse stall at the end of the workshop.

I think anyone who is able to attend any of his workshops or seminars will learn a lot from him, as he has valuable experiences and vast knowledge to share.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Blast from the past at my Spiritualist church

I went to a service at my local spiritualist church this evening. I walked into the church, and the first person that I saw, was someone who I used to work with twelve years ago. I said hello, and found out that she comes to the church regularly, and is a platform medium. I had not seen her at any of the services that I had attended in the past. I felt it was such a coincidence that our paths should cross at this stage in my journey. I guess that there are no coincidences, and this was the work of spirit. We had a natter after the service, and I have no doubt that we will meet again.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Psychic Development classes

I have signed up for a three month psychic development class. We have done exercises on chakras, basic aura details, and how to sense different energies.

At the beginning of each class we start with a meditation, to open our chakras, protect ourselves, call in our guides, and to ground ourselves. We end each class with a meditation to close our chakras, and protect ourselves. These meditations are essential, as it seems that once anyone starts this journey they can attract all sorts.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

My second day at the Mystical Arts exhibition

It was such a lovely day in London today, I missed a number of workshops as I was enjoying the weather instead.

I went to a workshop on protection and grounding with Sue Allen today. What I am taking away with me is the importance of protecting yourself when you work with people, as you can pick up their energies, which could have a detrimental effect. The information that Sue Allen gave during the workshop could apply to healers, counsellors, doctors, nurses, anyone who works with people on a regular basis.

There are six rules that you need to apply to protect yourself:

  1. Ground.

  2. Cleanse.

  3. Close/attune.

  4. Protect.

  5. Know your energy.

  6. Ask for assistance.

By not protecting yourself, you leave yourself open to different types of energies.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

My day at the Mystic Arts Exhibition in London

I went to the Mystic arts exhibition today at the Olympia exhibition halls. There was so much on offer, I had a hard time deciding what to see. There were lots of stalls selling clothes, books, music,magazines,jewellery and crystals. There were stalls where you could get tarot readings, hand and mineral readings,coffee cup readings, readings from mediums, shiatsu massage,dianetics, get your aura photographed, stress tests. There were a number of stalls where you could sit and meditate, too. I have to say I have never seen so many tarot readers, mediums, and psychics in one place.

The first workshop that I went to, was Psychic surgery with Gary Mannion. He worked on members of the audience through his guide Abraham, and did not go into trance, so was able to take questions from the audience while he was working.

He started off by telling the audience what he was picking up, describing the conditions of some members in the audience. He then selected who to work on with the assistance of Abraham. This selection process was similar to how mediums work in demonstrations, by giving out some information, and then narrowing it down to one individual.

He could see what his guide was doing with the patient, and it seems that his guide used his hands to do the work. It was interesting to hear from people who experienced his work. One woman said she felt that she had been cut, and that her skin was separated, and that she had a sensation of many hands working on her. At some point, some members of the audience could hear noises ie, similar to bones cracking. Gary mentioned that he had an 86% success rate. It looked interesting, and it may be something that I may give a try at some point.

I spent the rest of the time wandering around the numerous stalls,having lunch with a friend, and then ended the day by going to a seance with Barbara Meiklejohn Free.

I will go back tomorrow, for some more workshops.

An unusual experience at my spiritualist church with a trance medium

I went to my local spiritualist church today, and the medium for the evening, was one of the founders of the church. He no longer lives in the UK, and comes once a year. A group is organised for him to see. I was fortunate to see him, as one of my friends had mentioned that I should put my name down.

Something happened in the group, that I have never witnessed before.He is a trance medium. He started off by giving myself and two others some messages, through his guide. Whilst he was talking to the third person, he said that he felt he was being shut down. He could not make contact with his guide. He mentioned that it was not anything to do with the group, but he had been shut down. He said he felt drained, and asked the third person whether she felt drained. She said she felt okay. He then came out of trance, and had no idea what had happened. One of the group members explained what he had said in trance.

He continued where he left off with the third person, by using psychometry. He felt he was being shut down again, and had to stop. He also said that he received a message stating that this was no longer the sort of work he needed to do.

I have never seen any medium stop in this way. Clearly some people were disappointed, as he has a good reputation, and some didn't mind. I feel that he is human, and still cannot work out what it is, that shut him down. I need to talk to my friends who are more in the know, about this.

I believe that something, or someone may have acted as a barrier, and his guide told him to shut down. Maybe as a form of protection. I don't know, but those are my thoughts.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My day at the Arthur Findlay college

I went to the Arthur Findlay college yesterday. What a wonderful place. The hall is huge, and the grounds are beautiful. Yesterday was sunny, so it was great sitting outside during the breaks and enjoying the grounds.

The first demonstration that I went to was on Psychic art. I had never seen this before and it was amazing. Paul Jacobs and Su Wood were working together. Paul explained that they may not necessarily see the same spirits at the same time, but would see what emerged. He delivered messages to several people in the audience, while Su drew a portrait of the spirit that she saw. In each case the member who received the message from Paul, was able to identify the person in the portrait. It was amazing.

I then went to a workshop with Mavis Pittilla on Intuition and Communication which was inspiring. There were a number of issues that Mavis raised that stayed with me. It is important to trust your instinct when you are developing. That it is not about how many private sittings you have, or how many demonstrations you have given, but how many souls you have helped.

In the afternoon I went to see a Trance demonstration with Simone Key, which was fascinating. The audience were able to ask Simone Key questions while she was in trance and while she came out of trance.

I hope to do some courses at the college in future and was impressed with what I saw yesterday.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Conversation with my mother on spiritualist churches

I spoke to my mother a few days ago, and mentioned that I had been to a number of spiritualist churches. She was worried, and warned me that it was okay to visit the churches as a bit of fun, but to do it on a regular basis was not right. Her view was people who went to spiritualist churches were devil worshippers, and it could lead to mental illness. I was brought up as a catholic, and understand where she is coming from, although I don't agree with her.

I find it sad that I can't share this experience with most of my friends or colleagues, because of the stigma around it, and that I will be labelled as someone who has lost the plot.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Joining the development circle at my local spiritualist church

I have joined a development circle.This is one way of developing my gift, if I have one. It is a closed group. I had no idea what to expect. I had rang a number of local churches, and most of their circles were full, some wanted to interview me before joining, or needed a recommendation from a group member. My local spiritualist church had some spaces, and I went for a brief chat with the group leader.

I thought I was just going for an interview, and then he would make a decision. But I was asked to come into the group, told the ground rules, and sat in. An interesting experience.

The group started off with a brief talk from the leader, followed by hymns and a prayer, and then a period of a long,long silence where everyone went into a meditation. At the end of the meditation, each group member would share with the group what they had seen in the meditation.

The group leader interpreted the message for the group if a member was unsure of the meaning.

I noticed some of the group members had messages for each other, including myself. I didn't have messages for anyone, but some images came into my mind, during the long, long, long silence, which the group leader interpreted for me. A name popped into my head at the start of the group which I shared, and apparently more than one group member could take the name.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Spiritualist Churches making the first step

April has been a strange month for me. I have always had an interest in the paranormal, and have seen a fair number of mediums, and psychics over the years. I believe there is a life after death.

Last month I went for a sitting with a psychic, I hadn't been for one in about five years. He told me that I had a gift that I could develop. This didn't surprise me, as I have heard the same thing from several mediums or psychics over the years. I just chose not to do anything about it then.

This time for some reason, I felt I wanted to do something about it, and asked how to go about it. He suggested that I go to a local spiritualist church, and then join a development circle.

So I did. I have visited a number of spiritualist churches this month. The first church I visited was Acton Spiritualist Church. I had no idea what to expect. Meetings are held at various churches several times a week, where mediums will demonstrate their clairvoyance. They give members of the audience messages, which are proof of survival after death. In my experience most of the messages that I have heard are uplifting.

Some churches start off with prayers, hymns, and an address before the medium gives out messages. In other churches, or centres the medium will introduce themself and start giving out messages.

I had no idea what sort of people to expect in the churches, and a part of me expected to meet lots of New Age hippie types. I was surprised to see that the churches were filled with normal people, whatever normal means.

All of the people that I have chatted to in the churches have been friendly, and I was amazed that some people travelled out of their local areas to attend a church. For instance, I met someone at the Gateway centre, at Lower Addison Gardens, who lives in Woodford. Someone attended the Acton church, but lived in Brentford. It seemed like it was about finding a church that you felt comfortable in.

The evening I walked into Acton spiritualist church, I was a few minutes late for the service, as I didn't know where it was located. It was packed that evening. I sat right at the back. The medium gave his address, and then gave his first message. His first message was directed at me, shock horror. My heart was beating like a drum, and I couldn't really take in what he was saying, as I was in shock. I wish I had arrived earlier, so someone could have told me what to expect. I calmed down after a few minutes, and sat through the service. It was an interesting experience.

What I have picked up is that different churches have a different feel to them.Mediums have different ways of working. I went to Wimbledon spiritualist church yesterday to see Ivan Lee, clairvoyant and psychic consultant. Keith Charles a medium, Paul Cissell a spiritual medium and paranormal investigator, and David Wells. They all work in different ways. Ivan Lee incorporates a lot of humour in his messages, and builds the audience up. It was fascinating to watch. He knows how to work the platform. Keith Charles came out with some revealing messages for some members of the audience, and I can see how and why he was a detective.

I have seen a number of mediums on platforms this month, in different churches. Some of them were impressive, and some not. I know mediumship is not an exact science, and I am aware it takes a lot of courage to go onto a platform. However, in some cases I wonder who booked some of the mediums I have seen, and why, as they didn't seem ready. In some cases audience members walked out, or started to have conversations while messages were delivered, which I think is downright rude. I recognise their job is not easy. I am fascinated that some mediums are able to zone in on individuals, and give precise accurate messages, and others throw out information to the audience, hoping that someone will pick it up. My preference is for the former, as with the latter, it can take some time to verify who the message is intended for.

Some of the spiritualist churches charge a door fee, and some leave it to you to make a donation. I am moved by how little some of the mediums earn in spiritualist churches. I am aware that their role involves them helping others, and yet I wonder how some of them survive if they do this for a living. In my local church it is £5 for a 15 minute sitting, which I think is very low. It costs you £30 for a 30 minute sitting at the SAGB, and more at the College of Psychic studies. I have no problem with the rates, as I think mediums need to earn a living like everyone else, and yet I met a medium recently who felt guilty taking payment, who wants to leave her day job, and work as a medium full time.

Why have I taken this journey?

Why now?

I feel that it is something that I need to explore. I don't know where it will lead, but if I can help others with whatever emerges I will. I have had several messages from mediums in the churches this month, stating that spirit will contact me directly soon. I don't know how I will react to that when it happens, but I have an open mind. In the meantime, I am thinking of attending some courses and workshops.

I also intend to go to India at some point after having read Angela and Andrew Donovan's book, on the Naadi Palm readers,which is on my recommended reading list.